Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some gestures and some doodles

Hello, Everyone! here are some sketches I made last week. Some of these were from Weeklies. 

Cat doodles done in Sociology class. Brush pen and markers

Considered doing the Pokemonathon contest on Tumblr but started drowning in homework. Oh well, maybe after midterms? These were made in colored pencils and marker.

Expect some more animations soon. Hoping to post some progress by Thursday.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

At last a 2013 post

Yep! Things are pretty hectic at CCAD right now. I feel pretty ashamed I haven't updated since last December, so here is a little something I'm working on in my Animation 2 class!

It's pretty choppy right now since these are the keys. However I'm proud of it.

In other news, I hung out with the Weeklies yesterday and I won the Valentine's Day card contest:  woohoo!

All for now! Gonna get back on track with posting every week.

- Laura