Friday, October 5, 2012

Free time posts!

I haven't posted any personal art in a while.. So, here you go! These are all limited palette work and I really enjoyed making them.

This was an experiment I did before working on the fake "teaser" poster for Totem. First try doing a limited palette as well as enjoying painting backgrounds. This is a triad color scheme.

Little picture I did of my old dog, Casey who recently passed away. I really like the style I drew her in. I want to draw more characters like this. This is also a triad.

This is another background as well as shading and light test. I had never drawn a desert before. This one is monochromatic color scheme. The one below is the same but with a grain filter. Not sure which one I like more so I put both of them on here.
 Backgrounds are actually really fun now!

Later! ~ Laura

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