Monday, October 29, 2012

Design4Media Update

Final Background image by Callie Braceras

Hey everyone! Jinny and I sent the agenda for last Tuesday and Thursday.

Talked to Blair, the project's Animation Supervisor about this week's assignments for each crew member.

List of recent accomplishments:

  • Rough animation is on the edge of completion 

  •  Clean-Up is already at a great start (Scene 1 is completed!)

  • All final backgrounds completed
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We're at the home stretch. Wish us luck!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Progress pt.3

Weekly update for Design4Media class:
  • Jinny and I went over last week's Agenda 
  • We discussed with our Animation Supervisor, Blair how we should plan rough animation for final scenes.
  • Created a Facebook page with Jinny recently and were able to receive 137 likes (70 in one day)

Remember to keep up with the Ugly Dinosaur Blog for updates!
Thank you! ~Laura

Monday, October 15, 2012

Progress again!

Hello again! Jinny and I are having a swell time co-directing our first short-film project The Ugly Dinosaur. Since Last week, we've been monitoring the finalization of backgrounds, logos and sound. Even more recently we were being filmed by our documentary filmmaker, Nikki for the "making of" section of the project.

 I'm really happy to see so much enthusiasm in our small but powerful crew. So much effort and heart is being put into this film and it's only been a few weeks! I apologize for having so little work to show personally, so here is a rough animation test of Dot I made a few days ago:
Sorry to get all sappy, I'm just really proud!
Thank you!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Okay! This week my co-director, Jinny and I reviewed and finalized pre-production storyboards and concepts for our short film project. It was chosen by our Design For Media class: The Ugly Dinosaur!

Our Lead Visual Development artist, Vincent created these sketches. 
Follow the Production blog to see updates for the short!

Thank you, everyone!
~ Laura

Friday, October 5, 2012

Free time posts!

I haven't posted any personal art in a while.. So, here you go! These are all limited palette work and I really enjoyed making them.

This was an experiment I did before working on the fake "teaser" poster for Totem. First try doing a limited palette as well as enjoying painting backgrounds. This is a triad color scheme.

Little picture I did of my old dog, Casey who recently passed away. I really like the style I drew her in. I want to draw more characters like this. This is also a triad.

This is another background as well as shading and light test. I had never drawn a desert before. This one is monochromatic color scheme. The one below is the same but with a grain filter. Not sure which one I like more so I put both of them on here.
 Backgrounds are actually really fun now!

Later! ~ Laura