Monday, September 3, 2012


I return! with four new characters created from two different concepts for my Design For Media class here at CCAD!

Here are the first two (both female):
These two are based off wild animals. The one on the left is based off a red fox and the one on the right is a moose.  The cool thing about these two is that the animal "personality" (stereotype) is swapped for these two. The fox-lady is funny and clumsy while the moose girl is sinister and mischievous. Unfortunately I couldn't think of a name for either of them yet. I'm leaning towards "Autumn" for the fox.

Here are the next two I did (these are both male)
These two are musicians based on the genre and instrument they play! The one on the left (MikeyShure!)is a rapper and the shape is inspired  by a microphone while the one of the right is a Rock(er?) and his shape is inspired by an electric guitar. His name is Fender Surf. 
I was inspired by artists like Craig McCraken click! and Brianne Drouhard click!. I love how they design characters, visually and in story. Well, that's all for now! Bye!


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