Monday, September 10, 2012

Project part two: Color!

Hey there! I bring you my two characters from the first concept from last post (fox and moose.) I really tried making the palettes for both of them "stronger." I really wanted to hone in on the idea to make the Fox-girl Summer and Spring personality and the Moose-girl more like a cold Winter evening.

Both of these color concepts were highly influenced by some of my comic artist(s) Becky Dreistadt click! and Gigi DG click! I adore Becky's sense of color especially in selective palettes. And with Gigi I really like how color is such a strong indicator of emotion and even foreshadowing in a story.
And here's Fender and Mike's palette. there wasn't as much of a change in color scheme compared to the girls so here are their swatches:

All for now!

~ Laura

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