Sunday, September 30, 2012

Design For Media Project 2 Prompt

Hey everyone! My friend, Jinny and I are combining our creative powers to create an awesome prompt (idea pitch) for our Design For Media class! Our idea is to create and complete an animated short film to the best of our ability along with having a production team. As said on Jinny's blog the film is inspired by the famous Andersen fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" but instead of the protagonists being birds, they're dinosaurs! Here are some rough examples of what the main cast will look like:

Find out more about this prompt on Jinny's blog: click!

I did some background environment concepts :

I also did a color test on that last sketch:

Jinny created a flow chart and a time chart for the project. Thanks, Jinny!

(flow chart)

(time chart)

This is a big project and it will take lot of work, but I think our team will be able to do it. If they pick it, that is. We'll see!

Until next time, bye! ~Laura


  1. You've got a really cool idea here, Laura! Do you guys have any idea how long this animated short is going to be?

    Looks like you have some really awesome concepts, especially the environment background designs that you did. I'm excited to see how it turns out if your idea is chosen! :)

  2. Love this concept!! The backgrounds are so beautiful and mysterious. Would this be where he hatches, or a more serious scene? The colorscripts would be so cool!! :)

    However, I noticed the characters are a more intense palette from the environment, I'd just be sure to adjust that depending on the scene. You probably knew that already, haha! Anyway, good luck guys!! ^^;

    1. Yeah, we'll get a palette to unify the characters/backgrounds within the first week if our project is picked.

  3. the colors are pretty good so far. i like idea of the Dino "Ugly ducking :D