Sunday, September 30, 2012

Design For Media Project 2 Prompt

Hey everyone! My friend, Jinny and I are combining our creative powers to create an awesome prompt (idea pitch) for our Design For Media class! Our idea is to create and complete an animated short film to the best of our ability along with having a production team. As said on Jinny's blog the film is inspired by the famous Andersen fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" but instead of the protagonists being birds, they're dinosaurs! Here are some rough examples of what the main cast will look like:

Find out more about this prompt on Jinny's blog: click!

I did some background environment concepts :

I also did a color test on that last sketch:

Jinny created a flow chart and a time chart for the project. Thanks, Jinny!

(flow chart)

(time chart)

This is a big project and it will take lot of work, but I think our team will be able to do it. If they pick it, that is. We'll see!

Until next time, bye! ~Laura

Monday, September 24, 2012

Poster Complete!

Yes! Here is my final image of the poster for my Design For Media  project.
I was originally going have only Moose close-up and looking at the viewer, but since the story does not revolve around just her I put Fox more into the foreground (Also you can see why Moose is upset this way.)
I'm happy with it. I would have liked to work with the type more, but I feel as a whole it is complete.
All for now, Bye!
~Laura Mansfield

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poster update

Okay! I am posting a WIP of the poster/teaser image of Totem (Fox and Moose) project. I've only really put in the background. The characters are only sketched out and put on another layer in Photoshop and will probably be moved around a lot to experiment with the Layout.

I will post the final image sometime tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project part three : Color and final concept!

I didn't properly complete the first palette for the characters last time. I had good palettes, but they were not unified at all. So to make up for my mistake, here is the unified palette for the final concept. I went with the moose fox girls since they were really fun to imagine how they would interact with each other. Here is the final palette:

I tried to make the bright, saturated ones less prominent since I was dealing with nature and wildlife inspired characters. I think it's going to be interesting to see the final picture with the two.
Here is what they look like roughly colored: (Note: this is really just here for color scripting, the drawing and anatomy is heavily flawed.)
Ah! Much better! I'm really happy I was able to keep Moose's cold colors while making it fit with Foxanne's warmer earth-tones in one color scheme this time.
See you next time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project part two: Color!

Hey there! I bring you my two characters from the first concept from last post (fox and moose.) I really tried making the palettes for both of them "stronger." I really wanted to hone in on the idea to make the Fox-girl Summer and Spring personality and the Moose-girl more like a cold Winter evening.

Both of these color concepts were highly influenced by some of my comic artist(s) Becky Dreistadt click! and Gigi DG click! I adore Becky's sense of color especially in selective palettes. And with Gigi I really like how color is such a strong indicator of emotion and even foreshadowing in a story.
And here's Fender and Mike's palette. there wasn't as much of a change in color scheme compared to the girls so here are their swatches:

All for now!

~ Laura

Monday, September 3, 2012


I return! with four new characters created from two different concepts for my Design For Media class here at CCAD!

Here are the first two (both female):
These two are based off wild animals. The one on the left is based off a red fox and the one on the right is a moose.  The cool thing about these two is that the animal "personality" (stereotype) is swapped for these two. The fox-lady is funny and clumsy while the moose girl is sinister and mischievous. Unfortunately I couldn't think of a name for either of them yet. I'm leaning towards "Autumn" for the fox.

Here are the next two I did (these are both male)
These two are musicians based on the genre and instrument they play! The one on the left (MikeyShure!)is a rapper and the shape is inspired  by a microphone while the one of the right is a Rock(er?) and his shape is inspired by an electric guitar. His name is Fender Surf. 
I was inspired by artists like Craig McCraken click! and Brianne Drouhard click!. I love how they design characters, visually and in story. Well, that's all for now! Bye!