Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Animation Student Collective meeting with Tom Richner!

More information on how it went here:

Here are some of my drawings I did from the lesson. All were done in about 15- 30 seconds. Most of these were done when Tom mentioned we should put a story to the figure, one of them is just my character (the one with the horns):

That last one was drawn when the Pokemon theme song was going on in the background. ...
 I'm so glad I picked CCAD!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Round 3.. FIGHT!

Alright, sorry for not updating on my previous blog, "". I haven't posted on there since first day of classes.. So to help get things back in order I thought I'd try to do a weekly sketch blog here for a while. I'm mainly doing this because I use a different e-mail address now and it's annoying to log in and out of other things just to use my old blog. 
 Here's some sketches of myself looking geekier than usual. Quickly done a few minutes before publishing this post. I hope I can keep this up!